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When the dog masters the Alert Indicator and is searching independently in the training lab we introduce the dog to more complex searches moving away from the scent boxes and tubes to placing odor in draws, objects, furniture, travel bags, vehicles, etc., using both exterior and interior areas. This class is a travel class and meets every week in a different location around the Bay Area.

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Lesson Options

Once the dog has mastered the Alert Indication we introduce Odor Discrimination. We start by adding a blank box and or tube along with the operant scent box containing a cocktail of odors used in scent work competition. As the dog becomes proficient in this task we start adding more scent items (boxes and tubes). We also begin working the dog at distance and independently of the handler.  At the end of this phase the dog should be finding the odor, indicating with a sit or down from as many as 12 items and working away from the handler off leash. Individual Odors used in NACSW, SDS and AKC are also introduced in this phase of training.

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1088 143rd Ave, San Leandro, CA

Private lessons can be arranged. Lessons can take place in San Leandro or other locations in the East Bay.

Foundation to NoseWork:

The Alert "Indicator"

The foundation class teaches the dog an Alert Indicator such as a down and/or a sit to indicate odor. This is taught before teaching the search so that the dog knows the exact behavior we want when he finds odor. Many methods start with search and leave it up to the dog to figure out how to indicate odor to the handler leading to a variety  of problems later such as excessive scratching, biting, barking and unclear alerting. By conditioing the Alert Indication first we can bomb proof a dog's Alert behavior and improve searching behavior.

New 6 week Class starts Thursday Sept. 6, 2018 at 6:30 PM.

New 6 week Class starts Tuesday August 14, 2018 at 6:30 PM.
1088 143rd Ave, San Leandro, CA


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